Continuing Education Requirements

Associate and Professional Members (R.F.P.s) shall maintain a minimum of 30 acceptable Continuing Education (C.E.) credits per year.


    About the IAFP

    Find out who we are and learn about our history in the financial services industry


    Distinguishing features of the R.F.P.

    The R.F.P. designation represents the highest standard of excellence for practicing professionals in the industry


    Why Become an R.F.P.

    The R.F.P. symbolizes the highest level of competency and professionalism in the field of financial planning in Canada.


    How to Become an R.F.P.

    Find out the process in becoming a Registered Financial Planner with the IAFP Experience in Financial Services is required



    Unique to the IAFP our mentorship program pairs a new associate with a current R.F.P. member who can provide guidance & assistance